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About Us

Hello Anyu /anju:/ means Hi Mommy in English. Helloanyu is the first baby-mom friendly cafe in Budapest that provides an inclusive community place for families with little kids.

At the afternoons Helloanyu goes through a little change: upstairs the art school offers art courses (, and we also have preparation courses for entrance exams.

Such a load of programs!

During the years we’re constantly broadening our spectrum program wise, since babies become kids, then they turn into teenagers.

Besides the wide variety of programs, you can enjoy are coffees, cakes or you may try our daily soups.

Below, there is just a little foretaste, details can be found among our Facebook events.

Workshops that help the everyday life of parents and kids.

• Zumbini
Zumbini is an American movement developer program that includes dance, music and instruments. It is ideal for parents and their babies between the age of 0-4.

• Art therapy classes for pre-schoolers
The main focus is on the art and the inner experiences through creative activities.

• Art activities for kids (6-11)
It’s a class for children who seeks to try different art techniques through creative activities.

• Fine art classes
Creative program for baby-parent couples.

Workshops what helps parents and childrens everyday moments.

Art classes from the age of 10, preparation for entrance exams for art and architecture schools are available.

More Activities

Besides the several toddler and student activities and programs, we organize birthdays, book presentations, provide a place for concerts, podium discussions and we also operating as an art gallery.

In addition, we have plenty ideas in terms of hot and cold kitchen in case there is a demand for it. We can also prepare with a specialized menu if needed.

We are looking forward to hear from you. If you have any questions: